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submissionc otniantuion

Snake nodded “alrught..”

Connor rubbed his face.

New Bbaes

Beast shook his head “it’s not fine..”

Valerie sighed.

Everyone started to eat.

Grown Up

Phoenix held him out to griffin

Griffin took him.

submission cotninaution

Snake nodded and kissed his head “we’re going to go and get you new medication ok?..”

Connor nodded. “We have to go see my doctor.”

Grown Up

Phoenix kissed jay’s head “wanna hold him?..”

Griffin nodded.

Grwon Up

Jay was looking around the room, Phoenix smiled “he has beautiful eyes..”

Griffin smiled. ‘He does.”

submnisison cotnianution

Snake nodded and pulled him into a hug “please understand that we care for you and we’re worried because you get really bad when you don’t have your medication..”
(Not at all :/)

Connor hugged him back. “Sorry..”

Me; Ah, man. That sucks.

New Bbaes

Beast glanced at valarie, he leaned over “we talked about this..” He whispered to her, Charlotte sat next to jones

Valerie looked at him. “It’s fine.” She whispered back.

Grown Up

Phoenix nodded “yeah..”

Griffin looked at Jay.

submisison continaution

Snake looked at Connor “you’re going to stop giving her your meds ok?.. Take them yourself..”

Connor nodded.

New Babes

Beast nodded and followed mar
Charlotte pulled him up and took him to the table
(Sleep well?)

Mar sat down.

Jones sat down too.

Casey sat next to him.

Valerie sat next to Beast and away from A.J.

Me; Yep! You?

Grown Up

Phoenix kissed jay’s cheek “I wanna take him home already..”

"You have a few more days, right?"

submisison cotninaution

Snake looked at Connor “you have medication because you need it Connor! They wouldn’t give you meds for no reason!”

Connor pulled his shirt back down.

New Babes

Beast looked at mar and got up
Charlotte got up and held her hand out to him

Mar smiled. ‘You sit next to me.”

Jones took her hand and got up.

Grown Up

Phoenix gently rubbed jay’sncheek “I don’t think he got to hold jay..”

Griffin nodded.