Stuff and Then Some
New Bbaes

Vinny waited for them

Rave carried Riot out.

submisison cotniation

Snake sighed “ok..”

T.K. patted his leg. “She didn’t blae you”

New Babes

Vinny dressed riot into the jacket, he looked at rave “you put the boxers on him..”

Rave walked around the bed and helped Riot get into boxers.

subission otniaiton

Snake sighed and patted his head “sorry for getting you in trouble..”

T.K. shook his head :It wasn that she just hates not being told what going on”

New Babes

Vinny looked at rave “give him your boxers..” He took his suit jacket off

Rave stood up and took his pants and boxers off, then put his pants back on.


Snake looked over at t.k. When he got home “hey, how was it?..”

T.K. sat down. “Good. We talked about random shit to make the other laugh.” He yawned. “And Abby stays by her„” He gestures. “I dunno, but I’m not allowed to go home for now”

subimsison cotniaiton

Snake walked to the car and drove home, he didn’t wsnt t.k. To know that he was there

TK walked to the house a while later.

New Babes

Vinny looked at rave “you can dress him..”

Rave looked at him. “He threw his clothes out the window.”

Riot gave him a confused look.

"We drank a lot of vodka""

submisison cotniaion

Snake watxhed them

They shared a kiss before walking in different directions

New Bbaes

Vinny looked at riot “do you want me to take you back to the base?..”

Riot nodded.

Rave looked at him. “ou need clothes.”

subisso cotniation

Snake chuckled againn

T.K. hugged her again. “Tell me when I’m allowed home, okay?”

Abby nodded.

Vinny looked at him "just get your rest for now.."

Riot relaxed into the heaboard.

Rave looked at him. “Want a cigarette?”


New Babes

Vinny sat him up against the bed frame

Riot rubbed his face and his arms shook badly


Snake chuckled softly

TK. kissed her forehead. “Keep the kids safe.”

Abby smack his chest. “I will Im the mom.”

New Babes

Vinny looked at riot “you woke up a lot sooner than I thought you would..”

Rave chuckled. “He’s been like this for a long time.”

Riot tried to sit up again.