Stuff and Then Some
submisison cotninuation

Snake panted harder “d-don’t..”
(Yeah! She’s having a c-section!)

Leo took his hand away. “I was just teasing.”

Me; I hope they’ll be okay!

New Babes

Rudy looked at him “you’ll do butt things with me?..”

Rave chuckled “Yeah.”

Riot grabbed his bat and started walking.

New Babes

"I-I know that but where in the woods? How can I get out?"
(Yeah! My cousin is having a baby on Friday!)

Rave looked at Riot then at Rudy. “If I can fuck you, then I’ll tell you.”

Riot shook his head.. “Idiot.”


submission cotninuation

Snake groaned and ground his hips down on the chair

Leo ran his fingers down Snakes spine.

Grown Up

Nova looked at Hannah “you need to eat as well..”

Hannah took a bite of her chicken.

Me; Having fun? :D

New Babes

Rudy looked around, he walked up to them “where is this?..” He looked at them timidly

Rave looked down at him. “The woods?”

Riot rolled his eyes.

submission cotninuation

Snake closed his eyes and nodded “s-so horny..” He bit his lip

Leo rubbed his back. “We can mess around when we get home.”

Grown Up

Nova nodded and sat back again

Hayden held King’s other hand.

Me; You still at your cousin’s?

New Babes

Rudy ran into the woods

Rave tried to back Riot into a tree, but Riot stood his ground.

"Better back the fuck up, Rave."

Rave licked his lips. “C’mon~”

submisison cotninuation

Snake panted hard and he held his crotch
Nova giggled and happily watched them

Leo looked at Snake “You okay?”

The girls started to dance on the pole.

Grown Up

"Kingsley, we will leave if you do not eat.."

King bit his lip, then started eating again.

submisisonc otninaution

Snake groaned and stared at their hips
Nova grinned “mama! Mama!” He pointed at the girls

Leo smiled. “I know. They have big boobies.”

Robbie rocked his body into the guys.

The girls shook their breasts.

New Babes

Rudy ignored him and opened his window, he jumped out and ran away

Rave and Riot were in the woods.

Rave was trying to talk Riot into having sex.

submisison cotninaution

Nova giggled hard and clapped his hand
Snake’s face was red

Leo laughed.

Robbie and the guy leaned back and rolled their hips.

New Babes

Rudy ran up to his room and locked the door

"Rudy!" Linkin followed him.