Stuff and Then Some
New Bbaes

Rudy pushed his face into Lekka’s chest

Lekka rubbed his back.

Linkin smiled a little. “Bye, Rudy. You can come home whenever.”

submisison continaution

"I wonder if Leo’s gunna like it, I know abby will.."

Connor chuckled.

New Bbaes

Rudy nodded and hugged Lekka

Lekka hugged him back.

submisison continaution

Snake nodded “I’m gunna get a spray tan since I don’t tan..”

Connor chuckled.

Zeke hugged Travis closer.

New Bbaes

Rudy looked at Lekka “someone is trying to kill me..”

Lekka’s hand twitched. “I have locks everywhere. No one is getting in.”

Snake nodded "Tracey and I are going to get tans.."

Connor chuckled. ‘Really.” He looked at Travis. “You should tan.”

Travis flipped him off.

submisison cotninuation

Snake nodded “shouldn’t Tracey be out by then?..”

Connor looked at him. “Should be.”

Rudy nodded "ok mama.."

Linkin smiled.

Rudy nodded "it's the safest here.."

Linkin walked over to him and kissed his head. ‘You can call us anytime.”

submisisonc otninaution

"When is he coming?.."

"This weekend."

New Babes

Rudy looked over at them

Linkin smiled at Lekka and backed up. “You gunna be okay here„ Rudy?”

Snake nodded "does he know about Tracey?"

Connor shook his head. “No. I’ll tell him when he gets here.”

Grown Up

"Come lay down with me.."

They laid down and hugged him.

Rudy nodded "thanks.." He put his stuff in the room

Linkin walked over and hugged Lekka.

Lekka patted his back

submisison cotnnaution

Snake looked at him “does he?..”

Connor nodded. “Yeah.”