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New Bbaes

Vinny nodded “go ahead and look around, they should be in this corridor..” He gestered

Riot nodded and walked down it, looking into each room.

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Nova sniffled and looked at snake “ay yu lub nana..”
Snake smiled “I love nova sooooooo much~!” Nova smiled and looked at rush

Rush was cutting up carrots.

New Babes

Vinny nodded “will you help us get the bigger men?..”

Riot nodded. “Yeah. I just have to see who’s missing.”

Me: Do you just want to use Beast and Linkin and them in Grown Up and scrap everything that had to do with Sawyer?

submisiosn ocntinaution

Nova sniffled and looked at Leo “nn ay gain..”
Snake nodded “thank you..” He smiled

"Mama loves Nana."

Rush smiled.

submisison ontinaution

"Mama nn dada no lub nana.."
Snake looked over “thank you for getting them rush..”

Leo kissed hsi head. “I’ve said I love already though.”

Rush smiled. “Welcome. I got a lot of veggies..”

New Babes

There was two in each cell, they were on desperate sides of the cell though, they were well fed and taken care of

Riot looked at Vinny. “These guys are mostly grunts. All they do is steal shit.”

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"I love you too.."
Nova started to cry

Leo looked at Nova. “What’s wrong, Nova?”

Rush put the food away.

At first there was old rotting looking people, then it got to some of luck's men (going home now!)

Riot looked at Luck’s men.

Me; Yay!

submission cotninuation

Snake smiled and sat next to Leo, he kissed Leo’s cheek

Leo smiled. “I love you.”

Rush walked in with groceries.

New Babes

Vinny brought him into the place, he took off the blindfold, it was a huge bunker that looked like a jail, there was lots of cells

Riot looked at the cells.

New Babes

Vinny pulled up to the place and got out, he helped riot out

Riot sighed.

submisison cotnnatuion

Snake nodded “I’ll tell everyone..”


Me; Let’s just use Beast and them in Grown Up.

New Bbaes

Vinny got into the car and started driving to the other base

Riot yawned.

submisison cotninaution

Snake smiled “ok, when do you want to have it?..”

"How about this weekend?"

New Babes

"We still can’t have you figure out where our base is.." He helped him out to the car