Stuff and Then Some
Grwon Up

Nova nodded

"Then the prince got bored of his hoes and went to find better ones."

Me; I think I’m allergic to apple juice..

New Babes

Roxy walked with Evan and kayden into the concert hall “he got us the front row seats..”
X was back stage getting ready

Evan nodded

Kayden jumped up and down “I love concerts!”

Grown Up

Nova chuckled softly

"Anyways, the prince had all the hoes he wanted. Dudes and girls. And they’d just fuck all day long"

subisiosn otninaution

"I love you guys.." He smiled sweetly

"We love you too."

New Babes

(Switch? I wanna use x again xD)
Vinny stretched and laid down on his bed

Riot and Rave fell asleep

e; Okay!

Grown Up

Nova laughed “I like it already..”

Chase chuckled. “His ass was nice too, but his cock was the best and it made everyone thirsty.”

submissionc otninaution

"You two are adorable.."

They grinned at Snake.

New Babes

(I know! I have a cold sore on my lip :/)
Vinny nodded and walked to his room

Rave laid back down.

Me; Oh, no!

Grown Up

Nova pinched his nipple “make one up..”

Chase grunted. “Once there was a prince that had a big dick..”

submisison cotninaution

Snake chuckled softly

Oliver smiled at Leo.

New Babes

Vinny looked at them “you guys can look around if you want, you’re currently on the fourth floor, on the first is where the gym is, cafeteria, play room, bar, and all that other junk

Riot shrugged and turned away from them.

Rave sat up. “I’m good.”

Me; So early!

Grown Up

Nova closed his eyes “tell me a bed time story..”

"I don’t know bed time stories. That’s Jed’s thing"

subimsisonc otninaution

Snake looked at Leo “is there anything you wanna tell ollipop?..”

Leo looked at Oliver. “Get better.. Eat a bunch of food uh.. Do what the doctors say.”

New Babes

"Well get comfy.."

They both got onto their beds

Me; What time do you have to be at school tomorrow?

Grwon Up

"Right now isn’t that time.."

"Okay." He rubbed Nova’s back again