Stuff and Then Some
Beast stood off to the side and watched them

A.J. held all the clothes that Mar picked out.

Me; I’mma go to bed. Night. Love you. Sleep well.

Grown Up

Nova looked at him “but we already started!”

Jed looked at him. “Please, Nova?”

submision continuation

Snake grinned and leaned back into him

T.K. chuckled.

New Babes

Beast followed them

Mar picked out skinny jeans with A.J.’s help.

Grown Up

Nova kissed chase’s neck then down his back to his ass

Jed looked in at them. ‘Go to the bedroom!”

submisison cotninaution

Snake walked over to t.k. “Hold me..” He sat on his lap

T.K. wrapped his arms around him.

Grown Up

Nova nodded and rubbed chase’s ass “I can’t fuck you but I’ll finger you~”

Chase pushed into his hand. ‘Sounds awesome~”

Snake smiled "I'm sure she will.."

Austin patted Valerie’s back.

Valerie yawned.

New Babes

Beast looked around the store

A.J. walked Mar to the boys section.

Grown Up

"Your ass~" he whispered hotly into chase’s ear

Chase grunted. “Mm~ Sounds good.”

submisison cotninaution

Snake smiled at them “sweet girl..”

Austin kissed her head. ‘I hope she stays that way.”

Beast nodded and followed him

Mar smiled as they walked.

A.J. led the way to the store.

submisison continuation

Snake zoomed her around the room before taking her to Austin

Austin took her. “You were awesome!”

Valerie laughed and hugged him..

Grown Up

Nova nodded “yeah I wanna eat something~”

Chase chuckled. ‘What’s that?”

(Message me on Facebook if you want to talk about it, I'm not going to force you if you're uncomfortable) beast looked at a.j. "Where are we going first?.."

A.J. looked at him. “I think we should start at JCPenny for Mar.”

Me; Okay.